Duvet Inserts/Quilted Blankets

Duvet Inserts/Quilted Blankets

Down comforters, originally made from large, cloth bags filled with bird feathers, have kept sleepers warm for centuries. Called a duvet in Europe and Canada, the down comforter is referred to commonly as a duvet insert by Americans. 

A common form of bedding, especially in Europe, duvets form the basis of the bedroom linen in a vast number of homes. The duvet insert is usually plain white in color, and is used within a duvet cover that matches the color palette of the bedroom and the sheets. Duvet inserts are available in a number of standard sizes to fit the different bed models, and duvet covers sell in sets with matching linen.

We sell Duvet Inserts that are alternative down comforters with Qulited Blanket Pattern.

We sell these on three sizes :